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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

There are many definitions, but it isn’t necessarily the ‘tools’ of Social Media Marketing that are important – it’s the part they play in a brand’s communication strategy and brand’s development.

At PM+A, Social Media Marketing is about creating content or stories that can be used through different communication channels to different audiences, and often in a different ‘language’, to help achieve a brand’s organisational goals. These goals are not just in marketing, but also in research and analysis of audiences, in dealing with customer service enquiries, comments and issues, auditing competitor activities, and ultimately in building relationships.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are currently very popular social media sites. They all have advantages and disadvantages, each with an ability to achieve certain objectives.

Social Media Marketing: More experience than most

At PM+A, we have years of working with Social Media. Audiences and messages are the secret to success in selecting and establishing meaningful return on investment in these Social media channels. We can provide you with advice and implement strategies on your behalf once you give us the authority to manage your Social Media.

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