Marketing in 2016: Hopes and Fears

by PMA

Marketing in 2016

Marketing in 2016: Hopes and Fears

This article is the second part of an earlier piece I wrote about Marketing in 2016

Marketing in 2016: Hopes

Businesses should:

Peak behind the curtain: Look beyond the smoke and mirrors of ‘Content Marketing’ or ‘Social Media’ and see Oscar (Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise) Diggs, aka Oz.

Integrate: Co-ordinate all communications through one central agency and not multiple ‘specialists’ each vying for a share of the budget.

Use human psychology: Customers act for a finite number of reasons. To change behaviours businesses should utilise motivational techniques. Not rely on tools.

Value good graphic design: We are bombarded with thousands of ‘adverts’ a day. We absorb great aesthetics subconsciously because our brains are plastic. A great product can be ruined by poor perceptions created by cheap looks. Don’t scrimp.

Enhance Customer Experience: Once the doctrine only of businesses that engaged with people in real life, now pervades every business. This doesn’t just go for retail, leisure, or hospitality it goes for professional services, manufacturing, even how products are used. Experience is relative to the best. Contextually, if the experience you give is less than a ‘Disney Experience’ or a ‘Rolls Royce experience’ then it’s poor by comparison.

Remember the Over 50s: The largest audience segment with the most disposable income (and growing) is forgotten because there aren’t many Baby Boomers that still work in marketing communications. The bias caused by Gen X ‘leaders’ is towards Gen Y and younger in order entice new talent to the industry. It reflects the ego of the Gen Y and Millenial ‘producers’ for recognition by peers.

Exploit the original meaning of Engagement: ‘Social engagement’ does not equal sales (unless in person). Likes, Comments, Shares, UpVote, Favourite, Repin, Regram, Revine are signs of ‘attention’, but not much else. Actually speaking to customers, especially the complainers, is the most effective thing you can do to affect revenue.

Pursue transparency: Businesses that lie, cheat, avoid, divert, distract, rort etc. will be found out. In a Wikileaks world they will be found out, and destroyed. Look at VW.

Get Attention: The biggest and best brands in the world advertise on TV because nothing, but nothing comes close to getting peoples attention in a world where attention is the currency of communications. To get attention you have to be single minded, and bold. Your audience live in an overwhelming soup of messages. Human nature is to be in the least effortful state. Changing habits and getting people to perceive differently, or act differently requires momentum and a snap. Grey work is not seen in the fog.

Marketing in 2016: Fears

Businesses should not:

Commit the sin of social impropriety: If you use ‘social’ media, be social. Don’t sell, unless you’re paying for an ad. Then ‘Call To Act’ like hell. But don’t be cheap or sneaky.

Ignore ‘too hard’ metrics: Look at your Analytics, as regularly as you do you new investments in the stock market. Look for patterns, trends and problems. Create ‘Goals’. Measure return. Or pay someone to do it. A ‘Data Broker’.

Jump on bandwagons too late: Not sure it is a word, but do not be tempted to the next new thing, unless it is new. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are now the establishment. If you’re on Blab or Snapchat and are playing, executing, mastering them great. If not hurry up. But don’t forget to master insights into the psychology of your audiences, nor the pros and cons of existing tools first.

Marketing effectively requires expertise, experience and effort. It requires business sense and creative problem solving. It is not easy.

Avoid the tears.