Snappy Recruit

Television Advertising


Snappy Recruit is an app-based recruitment service based in Perth Western Australia. The agency was asked to provide a full range of marketing solutions for their brand.


The agency was faced with the following challenges:
+ Limited organisational resources
+ Limited financial resources
+ Ambitious plans
+ Multiple audiences
+ Little existing brand awareness
+ Poor website


Integrated communications campaign:

+ Market Research
+ Marketing Consultancy
+ Television advertising
+ Public relations
+ Exhibitions

+ Online banner advertising
+ Email marketing
+ Content marketing
+ Search Engine Optimisation
+ Search engine marketing
+ Application Search Optimisation

+ Social media publishing
+ Social media marketing


Focus group research has informed the product requires a pivot in strategic terms (product development and revised communication strategy)

“Our relationship with PM+A Marketing is built on trust. We trust them with our marketing because they help us to invest it wisely and effectively. You can’t put a price on their global experience. They are proactive, responsive and driven by getting results for us.” – Brett Smith, Snappy Recruit


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