PM+A Marketing can create effective advertisements for digital, outdoor, broadcast and print media. Working from an agreed brief, we can design anything from a small, simple text based Pay Per Click (PPC) advert through to massive full colour digital Supersites billboards, radio advertising and TV commercials.

TV Advertising

Television advertising has become a very affordable marketing tool, thanks to the emergence of online and social media.

With the fragmentation of TV channels, advertisers now have a great opportunity to pinpoint their target audience if they have a highly researched and powerfully presented campaign. We ensure that our clients maximise the returns on their TV advertising investment.

Print Advertising

PM+A Marketing can recommend the best print and press media options based on your advertising objectives. We have a vast knowledge of the print media options gained from many years of experience.

Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising

Whether it is Billboards, Supersites, Adshel Bus Shelters, Bus Sides, Bus Backs, Venue Ads, Taxi ads, Cafe Screen advertising or Cinema Advertising we can book and plan your campaign based on your budget and objectives. OOH can be a really cost effective way 
to advertise. With OOH you get high repeated exposure as your message can be seen 24/7.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising can be a very cost effective channel to reach your target audience. Whether you use it for a concentrated short-term period or a ‘drip-drip’ long-term campaign, it serves as a great stand-alone media or a re-enforcement medium to your press, online or TV campaigns.

We’ll work closely with you to prepare a media and creative brief to meet your objectives, assist you in the station selection based on your target market profile and recommend a schedule based on your planned budget. We’ll then create a script and produce your commercial or campaign.

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